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Strong Future International Marketing Group

SFI 1SFI Affiliate Center is a World Wide Affiliate Center built for people and small businesses willing to starting a business of there own and also helping businesses taking there business to the next level to marketing throughout the Internet. All the training is done for you.

"If your willing to start building a business of your own, I'm more then willing to helping you."


How do we earn income?S-Builder

  • Invite like minded people and businesses to join your Marketing Team
  • Buy/Shop from our vary own ECA Online Store
  • Invite people to join and shop at your ECA Online Store
  • Promote other peoples and businesses products, services and also our business opportunities.
  • Sell your unwanted stuff from home
  • Invite Music Artists, vote and download music's
  • Play Games
  • Pricebenders Auctions
  • and more...

With buying products and services every month and activities for your enjoyment to playing game and bidding on products and services we have nothing to lose but a hole lot to gain.

With over 90 thousand products and services we have something for everyone to enjoy to keep coming back for more savings and fun games for there enjoyment.


Why pay for your training when you can get it for FREE and a hole lot more...

Training for your SuccessSFI 1

  • Getting Started
  • SFI Basics
  • LaunchPad Lessons
  • Rules Of Success
  • Sales Methods
  • Sponsoring Methods
  • ECA Strategies
  • Internet Income Course
  • Affiliate Tips
  • Experts Report
  • and much more...

With all these amazing training information to building/starting a business your own, you and everyone that joins you will have a great training experience for years to come.


Power Tools to help grow your business

  • PSA's To Go
  • S-Builder Co-op & Co-op Manager
  • Affiliate Manager
  • PSA & CSA Mailer
  • Email System to invite people
  • Key Codes & Hit Tracking
  • and more...

With these Power Tools they will help you save time and money for a successful business outcome.


SFI Center provides us with what we need for a successful business outcome for years to come. With the help of many other like minded business people, as well as myself, you will never be stuck at a certain point of your training. The knowledge we gain will last for year to come and pass on to other like minded people that's willing to go beyond there mind set.

Don't limit yourself and income, get started on your next journey to earning residual income for life with a great training experience that will last for a life time.


Residual Income Rocks

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